Pirates of the Caribbean


Pirates of the Caribbean's review


Enjoy the pirate adventures and become the master of the seas

  • Entertaining and fun
  • Really complete with many features
  • Excellent graphics and gameplay

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"You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow"

Pirates of the Caribbean is based on the popular movie and the ride from Disneyland. The main goal of the game is to become a pirate and create your ship, build your crew and embark on quests. First of all you need to enter your pirate name (quick note: Sparrow is taken, of course). Then, you can choose your flag and enter a reward code (if you have any) and the adventure will start.

Captain Jack Sparrow is the one who will guide you through your process of becoming a great pirate and helping you understand how the game works. Even though, it's pretty confusing at first since it goes pretty fast and there are many items on screen but once you get a good sense of it it really grows on you. As you advance through the levels, you get skill points to improve your standing and you can add them to whichever particular you have. When you master all the quests, you become master of the island so your ultimate goal is to become the master of the seas.

This game is definitely really complete and has many features and options. The graphics are excellent and although it might seem hard to get at first, that's why it's so good: it never becomes boring, you always have something to do. In addition, it's also possible to connect the game to Facebook so you can battle against them and add them to your crew.

Disney is the developer of Pirates of the Caribbean and other popular games such as Where's my water. There's no doubt that Disney games are well made and provide great entertainment for all ages. Both graphics and playability are excellent. Recommended.

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