Planet Invaders

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Planet Invaders

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In Planet Invaders you will be at war with
enemies from space who are threatening the earth.
Your objective is to destroy all the invaders by firing
your laser at them. You must kill all the invaders either
before they reach the earth (bottom of the screen), or
before your lives run out.

Points are scored each time you hit one of the invaders.
They are worth different amounts of points,
depending on their initial position on the screen. You also
receive points for catching the special power ups dropped
by the invaders.

If you destroy all invaders before they reach the
earth, you advance to the next level.

Special Features:
Free Life every 10K
Power Ups:
* Score - Core0 - 20pts
* Shoot Speed - Core4 - 60pts
* Move Speed - Core5 - 40pts
* Combo Speed (Move and Shot) - Core3 - 80pts
* Double-Shot (2 bullets) - Core2 - 100pts
* Freeze (Stop invaders for 5 seconds) - Core1 - 200pts

* Score Power Up - 20
* Blue Invader - 60
* Red Invader - 50
* Purple Invader - 40
* Green Invader - 30
* Orange Invader - 20
* UFO - 100

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