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Plants War is a realtime mobile action battle arena game.

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Lots of stages, weapons and units
  • Achievements and rewards
  • In-app purchase
  • Childish

"Plants vs Beasts"

Well, let's call it a strategy RPG tower defense-like game. Storyline: The human have polluted and abandoned the Earth. The beasts started to rule the Earth. They found the only remaining green area: Dryad Forest, inhabited by magic plants, and began dig it up. Infuriated plants decide to fight against the beasts boosted by the magic of the mysterious Lake Naiad. Leafy, the hero will lead them.

The forest became an arena: on the left side the plants settlement, on the right side, the beasts. Obviously, you're in the plants side. Touch the field to move your units to desire location, build barracks and towers, tap on enemies to attack them and throw them magic spells. As you level up, you will unlock more spells, weapons and units (even heroes). Use them to beat beasts.

Plants War is set in cool 3D graphics. Despite of this, we didn't notice any lag, and we tried it even on medium-end devices. Performance is good, runs smoothly. There lots of resources to manage, so it would be difficult to get the hang of it if it weren't for its tutorial. Follow the tutorial and you will earn rewards that will help you in the regular game mode.

There are three difficulty modes: normal, hard and hell modes for endless play. Likewise, you'll play in over 40 different battle stages which will assure hours of fun. Lots of achievements and rewards are waiting there to be unlocked. Grab them all!

A new successful game developed by GAMEVIL.

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