Pocket God™


Pocket God™'s review

by Peter Warrior

An original, hilarious and eclectic game.

  • Original
  • Technically flawless
  • Absolute lack of purpose.

"The next time someone asks you if you're a god you say yes"

First at all, Pocket God takes a long time to load, namely about thirty seconds in order to actually start playing it. You are warned. Likewise, this game can be quite entertaining for sure, but it lacks any purpose beyond. There aren't scores nor ratings, story-line is symbolical and, in short, it's one of those apps you will hate it a lot or hate it not so much. Oh, you can love it, too, though maybe only for a while or when a new update is launched.

Let me explain. Pocket God is about you being some kind of cruel Polynesian archipelago god, who has been upset by those fool worshipers you had and called your almighty power and even your own existence into question. Therefore, they must die. To die them all you have at your reach all the imaginable possibilities. Want a tsunami to tsunamize them? Checked. Angry bloodthirsty sharks? Check. Bolts, tornadoes and volcanoes? That's easy. There are quite a handful options to eradicate them from the holy paradise islands.

There should be more, but there isn't. Your only goal will be visiting all the stages -mainly islands, but there are some underwater- and invoke how many inhabitants you want to recreate yourself in new and more cruel ways to kill them. To make things more personalized, every pygmy has a name, but you must not worry about it nonetheless. Just wondering how this game would be if there were rival gods saving those souls you are crushing with your mighty finger, or if you had to find a way to kill only a few sinners and reward loyal parishioners.

By the way, graphics, sound and all the techie stuff can be considered flawless, so even though it's a great game, its absolute lack of purpose is a burden too heavy to give this game a higher rating. Of course, if you are looking for non-sense gaming par excellence, here's your game.

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Jun 25, 2012

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