pocket guillotine



Can you escape the guillotine? Fingers will roll? Test your reactions against the sharpest blade! The blade speeds up and you get points for how close to the blade you get before chickening out. How long can you stay ahead of the blade?

The guillotine is a device used for cutting fingers of those who stray to near. It consists of a tall upright frame with a suspended blade, which is raised with a rope and then allowed to drop chasing any fingers touching the screen. Pocket guillotine was widely use in France during the French Revolution, when it got its terrifying name. Pocket Guillotine all but died out. Now it has been resurrected to your device. Have fun and don't loose too many fingers!

Pocket Guillotine gets more play modes in addition to the original mode. New game play modes are just as blood filled:

Time Attack: Touch the screen and the blade will fall but there is no knowing when. Do you dare to hold on?

Mega Score: Now with tones of bonuses on each level you would have thought it would be easy to score highly. Care to test that against the guillotine blade!?!

Scream Sound Panel - play the blood curdling screams from pocket guillotine
Improved blade better for making fingers roll
Improvements to Mega Score Mode
Improvements to guillotine effects
Interface enhancements

Tags: cut, cutting, slice, blood, sever, hand, finger, fingers

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