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    Predators™'s review

    Published: 2012-11-30, by Peter Warrior.

    A hunting game inspired by the film of the same name

    • Awesome gameplay
    • Nice graphics and stuff
    • Soundtrack and sound effects can be improved
    • No aliens included.

    "The jungle... it just came alive and took him"

    Although I'm not fond of hunting games, paradoxically I've come to review Predators, a game about hunting humans. You play the role of a Predator in a jungle planet used as a training camp for predators like you who have to fulfill their rite of passage.

    Humans may start arguing each other and they can even panic and fire a burst against their mates, but if you let them too many time they will assemble and form an organized tribe. Each human has its own set of skills and weapons of choice so some are more dangerous than others. However, these more powerful humans give (are) better trophies. An original touch is that there isn't a tutorial per se: you will play as a veteran predator with all options unlocked in the first stage instead.

    On your behalf, you can learn new combos, get new weapons and even plan strategies if you are wise enough to foresee when it's better to use your camouflage abilities. Likewise, there's a button to activate your enhanced sight to find out where humans are hiding and, in short, as you advance you can explore all the gory stuff predators use to have. Regarding goreness, there's an option to deactivate it in case you are affected by fake fictitious blood.

    On the other hand, we'd like there were any option to customize your character, and sound effects seem too much canned. Graphics and animations are fine and help to create that eerie atmosphere from the first -or last- film. In addition, game's replayability is more limited that it should, though you can enjoy its 30 levels at least twice without getting bored. In a few stages you will fight against enemy predators, and we wondered how great it would be if we were able to play as a human in next updates, not to mention co-op or versus options via wifi.

    Predators comes in 5 languages and allow 4 save slots to keep different characters. No matter how you look at it, it's a piece of game. If you were looking for action, this is your game, and we enjoy that a beloved license gets a game worthy of it.

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