Prototype Alpha



Welcome to Beta event of the Prototype Alpha!

How it works:
* Complete each level with at least one life remaining to progress to next level.
* Beat your high-score and earn stars to unlock additional features!
* Unlock new challenge level every 4th level!

Current features:
* 14 fun levels of increasing difficulty!
* 3 challenge levels to prove your skills!
* Tutorial that will guide you through every new step.

------------------ BETA INFO ------------------
Please provide feedback to especially if you did not like something.
- Thank you for your help.

I am currently working full time on version 1.0. Planned release date is sometime during June/July (small delay due to the fact I got a new full time job).

What will change after beta event:
* Levels will be re-balanced.
* Additional levels and more features will be added.
* Current progress will be reset, but all existing players will be awarded.
------------------ BETA INFO ------------------

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