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    Published: 2013-11-05, by .

    Fend off puppets bent on world domination using your janitor's mop (and a Glock if you upgrade)

    • Surreal flavor
    • Pun in the name
    • Many different possible upgrades
    • Controls very awkward

    "Prepare for nightmares haunted by la, la, la"

    I want to love these little jaunts into the surreal, I do. This one even has a pun in the title, by god! Puppet War:FPS ep.1 is a First Puppet Shooter (#seewhatididthere) in which you must take down endless hoards of creepy laughing puppets that want to disembowel your friendly janitorial guts.

    Navigate the 3D battlefield environments - think children's stage set, parking garage, etc - and wield your broom against the advancing mob of skipping, leaping puppets. They'll giggle upon spawning, which helps you determine which direction they're coming from. Defeat enough and you'll ace the level, earning cash to spend on weapons, defense, and perks.

    As you progress through the levels, there are plenty of quirky (yet somehow all-too-predictable) flavor elements: chicken throwers! Vampire puppets! A clown who is evil and insane!

    The huge issue with the game is that of controls. The on-screen joystick combined with taps to attack works well enough for movement, but it's extremely awkward to turn around - a problem when the la-la-la beasties approach from behind and begin to munch you like a cookie. This is frustrating enough that it severely impedes enjoyment of what should be fairly fluffy gameplay. It might work better on a tablet than on smaller devices.

    Twindigo's Puppet War:FPS ep.1 is a slightly creepy, definitely kooky foray into the FPS genre, but needs to figure out a smoother method of controls to be much fun to play for long.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Nov 05, 2013

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