Push Pong Pong



> After installation preferences (or the unit's menu button) is pressed, the S/N(serial number) appears.
> ID and S/N is needed in order to recover the information of existing applications reinstallation, please remember.

This game is to push the button of the same color blocks at the bottom and remove blocks.

Simple and quick to play! and enable you to enjoy the game killing less than one minute per one game.

Remove blocks in one minute.
Combo Score : if you don't miss the button! Quick and rightly push the button without any delay, you can get additional Combo score.

You can compete with the other players in multi mode and there are three diffrent modes - Basic, Item, Fight Mode.

- Basic Mode : The winner would be the player who first remove 300 blocks in one minute or the play who more removed blocks comparing the opponent player in one minute.

- Item Mode : The rule of game is same as Basic mode moreover players can use items interrupting opponent player by that having chance to get more reward score.
and loser can get bonus point equivalent up to 50% price of items purchased.
*** You can play without item purchase.
*** Item will be gone when the game end even though you don't use item purchased.

- Fight Mode : Players start game with 30 blocks each, and players are able to send blocks to opponent players as many as they clear blocks.
The winner would be the player who remove all blocks sending blocks to opponent player or the player who less have blocks after one minute game

*** Removed blocks would be piled up on the left side of the screen, and you can send blocks piled to opponent player by pressing SEND button on the right side.

Fellowship with the other players! you can directly play game with the others in Multi mode.

- Point Ranking : The total points earned in the game will be ranked in the world.
- Single Ranking : The highest score you earned in single game score will be ranked in the world.
** Renew ranking everyweek.
- Daily Ranking : The highest points daily ranks.
** Renew everyday.
- Friends (Point/single) : Check the ranking with friends registered.

You can level up based on points earned in single and multi game. and levels consist of 30 stages.
You are able to go up level based on points earned until level 13, and possible to level up by distribution rate over players who is more than level 13.
In other words, the highest level 30 is on top 1% in all of level 13 players.

Challenge to the top 1% ~

*** it is possible for you to level down because levels will be decided by distribution rate over players who is more than 13. (Level 14 to 30 only)

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