Quake 3 Engine- Zombie (alpha)



Your faviourite arenas of Quake3 have been over-shadowed by a deadly conspiracy.
All your frags have come back from the dead to haunt you ;)
With some unconventional weapons for quake3, put an end to this savagery and claim back the arenas you call home.

( based on demo of our engine, it can render maps from Quake3 or any other game created with the GTKRadiant Tool. The current version renders a few maps of Quake-3 Arena with simple modd-ed game-play. More maps, improvements and new games are coming soon.).

To all the folks who gave good ratings, a big thanks for your open hearted-ness.
Please keep it coming. We are continuously improving the controls and are developing a better game-play in the future.

( leave comments on facebook page, thanks: http://www.facebook.com/Quake3Render6d )

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