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Quake3 Tracker allows you to keep track of your quake 3 Arena friends and your favorite quake 3 Arena servers.
Quake3 admins can use the app to track the status of their servers.
This app is currently in BETA testing, I'm releasing it in this state in order to get users to help guide the development direction towards a stable release.
Many new features are in the works for this app. Please let me know if there are any features you would like to see.

Thank you to all those who have reported errors on the app.
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[Current Features]
- Add and Delete servers from the list
- Get server configuration information
- See what players are logged into the server, including bot's
- Disable/Enable displaying bot's from the preferences screen.
- Enable/Disable expanded server list, which includes a picture of the current map, number of players, and server status.
- 70+ map icons
- Check the Game Tracker status of the server
- Hide a server from the players list, without having to delete it.

[Future Features]
- Export/Import server list to SD card
- Change the player list to include more player information, including colorized names.
- Track certain players as friends and add them to a friends list.
- Notification when a friend logs into one of the servers you are tracking.
- Notification when a server goes offline/online.
- Now that the master servers are back online, get a list of servers so that they can quickly be added to your tracker list.
- Connect to server so that you can chat with friends from your mobile device.
- Control the server using rcon commands from your mobile device.

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