Rabbit Maniac




    The objective of the game is to breed rabbit to level up
    while having fun collecting rabbit

    total rabbit combination:
    currently there are 12 different fur, 28 different pattern and 12 different pattern colour
    so total combination is 12 x 28 x 12 = 4032 different rabbit you can breed

    how to play:
    Menu button locate on lower right
    habitat button locate on lower middle(for you to switch habitat)

    Individual rabbit:
    press any rabbit to bring up individual rabbit menu
    -> move: move rabbit to other habitat
    -> sell: sell rabbit for money
    -> breed: breed two rabbit for new baby rabbit
    -> wild: bring this rabbit to wild to feed and breed
    -> gift: give this rabbit to friend
    -> supercarrot: feed supercarrot to instantly grow this rabbit

    Breeding rabbit:
    -> only 100% mature and happy rabbit can breed
    -> 2 different rabbit can produce 8 possible baby
    -> tab different rabbit to see the outcome

    -> tab any direction to move the rabbit
    -> eat carrot to increase happiness
    -> contact other rabbit to breed

    getting new rabbit:
    -> you can buy new rabbit on rabbit shop or find them in the wild

    -> when you buy rabbit or receive gift from friend it will appear in mailbox
    -> use rocket to speed up your delivery time

    -> you can purchase new habitat to store more rabbit

    -> you can collect rabbit to exchange for award

    level up:
    -> you can increase experience by breeding and collect award
    -> each level up give you free supercarrot and rocket

    -> you can add friend and visit them
    -> you can give rabbit to your friend but need rocket

    I am totally open for suggestion, just email me if you have great idea that make this game more fun

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