Rage Meme Smasher FREE



Enjoy playing the best smashing and taping game!

Smash those famous Rage Comics characters and some internet memes in this incredible funny and addictive game.

The Rage Comic memes attack! Smash and watch out for FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU, Rage Guy, Forever alone, Everything Went better than expected, Poker Face, Challenge accepted, Trollface, Fuck yeah, Me Gusta, etc. ¡Smash and squish all you can!


in the Instructions section within the game you will see the images related to each type of meme to know what they do.

- Touch the Angry Faces: Angry Faces are the most common memes in the game. You need to smash them before they cross the screen. Every time you smash an angry face you will earn points, but if the meme cross the screen you will lose life.

- Forever Alone = Points: Forever Alone memes will reward you with many points if you touch them.

- Don't Touch Happy Faces: Happy Memes don’t want to be smashed. If you touch them you will lose life.

- Don't Feed The Troll: Troll memes are just about trolling. Don’t touch them or you will lose points.

Game Levels:

There are 4 difficulty levels in the game, each represents a greater challenge than the last one. The Easy level is ideal for learning to play. But if you want a real challenge dare to play in Madness mode.

ScoreLoop Integration:

The game is integrated with Scoreloop rankings system, to keep track of records of each player in each of the levels, so they can better themselves and be competitive with the other players in the world.

Begin to smash these rage memes!

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