Reflex Test - Reactor Game



Reflex Test - Reactor Game (also called Finger Tap Reflex) is an addictive and exciting game for 2 players. Check how fast you are and what is your reflex limit. Play Reflex Test - Reactor Game (Finger Tap Reflex) with your friends and show them your dexterity.

Reflex Test - Reactor Game (Finger Tap Reflex) needs friend nearby and nothing more. It is one of the best 2 player reactor games.

Are you fed up with all tamago games? Grab a real friend and tap screen as fast as you can. Be number one - be a guy with the best reflex. Play that amazing multiplayer game.

This is a 2 player reactor game. 2 players play on the same device (phone or tablet). Goal of Reflex Test - Reactor Game (Finger Tap Reflex) game is to react faster then your opponent.

Enjoy this 2 player game !!!

Reflex Test - Reactor Game is free of charge.
Reflex Test - Reactor Game DOES NOT use notification ads.
Reflex Test - Reactor Game is ad supported.

Any comments are welcome. Please notify me by e-mail about any bugs found or missing functions that you want to be included in future versions of the Reflex Test - Reactor Game (Finger Tap Reflex) application.

Check few of last 5 star user reviews of Reflex Test - Reactor Game (Finger Tap Reflex):
***** "Brilliant. I played with all friends around and it turned out that I'm the fastest person in town :) it's amazing"
***** "This game is very amazing with reflection of red light and put your fingers wow"
***** "Awesome Fun. I proved to my brother that I had faster reflix then him. Its also fun when your bored and you don't wanna do anything and all you wanna do is play a multiplayer game instead of playing by yourself. It cheers you up. And I think the people that rated 1 or 2 stars is touching the wrong half."

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