Reflexes test



#Reflex test has topped the rankings the best free apps Apple AppStore Japan.

App reflexes can be measured.

Is for one person.

Mode so far. Settings screen can be ON / OFF of the Sound and Vibration.

Just lit. The visual reflexes.

Only sound audible. The auditory reflexes.

[Vibration ONLY]
Just vibrations. The tactile reflexes.

How to play.
You leave your finger on the button until the light is on.
Press the button and re-lit.
Displays the time for you.

Record the time the best time ever.
The best time is recorded each day throughout the day. (Up to 50 days)

- 9 Buttons
Measure the reaction rate.
Press the button 9 times. Location is determined randomly glowing. Once I pressed light. You might get a good time to remember where once shone.

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