Revenge of the Cows FREE



The cows have grown tired of being abducted by the aliens and are fighting back! The cows have stolen an alien ship and are using it to abduct the aliens for revenge!

The game is simple, touch the screen anywhere to move your ship to that point. Your ship will follow your finger as you move it around the screen. Press the big red ABDUCTION button to use your alien tractor beam, but beware... your tractor beam only has limited use. If your abduction meter empties you will have to wait for it to fill up again.

Also, you must make extra sure to get the alien all the way into the ship before letting go with the tractor beam. If you do not get your alien all the way into the ship, then they will drift away into outer space!

You start with 60 seconds, and gain 1 second of time for every alien you abduct. The more aliens you abduct... the higher your scores goes! Your high score will save automatically, so try to beat your own high score every time you play!

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