Roach Rush



Cockroaches attack your kitchen. Stop them. Don t let them go to the other end of the table.
Insects use sly tactics:
- Attack of the wedge
- Pig attack

Roach army have a lot types of unit.
- simple cockroach
- angle cockroach
- accelerate cockroach
- larva roach (generate 2 new roach, 3 tap for kill)
- flying roach
- small fast cockroach
- medic roach (recover dead guys)
- spider (2 tap for kill)
sometimes the bat defense roaches and might bite you. Be careful.
- ladybugs are friendly unit don`t touch them
- The pane brings to you bonuses , heart brings extra live.
- Stink Bug (helpful unit, kills all roaches on table)

Use swiping for kill cockroaches, but pay attention you can hurt ladybug or bat.

Smash the roach.
Best cockroach smasher.

Enjoy the game.

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