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    Russian Roulette is a free Android game like the well-known game of chance in which a player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder and pulls the trigger.


    The term "Russian Roulette" originated in an eponymous 1937 short story by George Surdezof. "Russian" refers to the supposed country of origin, and roulette to the element of risk-taking and the spinning of the revolver's cylinder being reminiscent of spinning a roulette wheel. Because only one chamber is loaded, the player has only one in n chance of hitting the loaded chamber, where "n" is the total number of chambers in the cylinder. So, for instance, in a revolver that holds six rounds, the chance is one in six; for a revolver that holds five, the chance is one in five.

    -Source of information: Wikipedia

    WARNING: This game is just for fun. Never try it in real life. NEVER!!!

    NOTE: Tested on Samsung Galaxy SIII with Android 4.1 and a chinese phone running Android 2.3.4

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