RubbingWords is a casual game and remember the philosophy of the game Fruit Ninja
    but they are words and letters.
    is a slice-game where you have to delete more possible letter from
    the screen trying to avoid the beetles.
    We can define a slice game that combines the gameplay
    simple and straightforward typical of these games to a game of letter board
    Atypical where you have to delete words and letters.


    Ehi Mr.Cimox?
    Can you clean up the world from invaders saving the monuments of the most important cities in the world?...
    This is your goal!
    You have to guide Mr.Cimox to extinct all the IebaracS, which are invading our world !


    Rub out with Mr.Cimox as much letters as you can.
    When the alarm rings, Mr Baracs, IebaracS's Lord and Master,
    launches its intimidating scream while pointing it towards a monument of the city you are visiting.
    If you're able to rub his shout out with just one rubbing, you obtain a word bonus.
    You lose one heart for every 10 letters missed.
    Don't be afraid of the rebellious IsseG, they'll appear randomly on the board to help you!
    You'll recovery heart for every combination of 3 IsseG of different colour(which are 5 letter points).
    Pay attention at the IebaracS that Mr. Scarab will throw at you during the battle,
    'cause if you squash one of them, you'll lose 5 letter points on the 30 you start with).
    This game's version includes 100 words and 10 levels.
    You visit ten places around the world : London, Los Angeles, Firenze, Barcelona, Paris, Roma, Berlin, Madrid, Wien, NewYork.

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