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    Published: 2013-10-23, by .

    Run! Jump! Outlast your friends, enemies, and perfect strangers

    • Ever-present competition adds risk and reward
    • Attractive graphics
    • Smooth gameplay
    • Ultra repetitive
    • In the end, it's an endless runner dressed up to play

    "Runnin' down a dream"

    There's something hollow and yet massively appealing about competing against invisible strangers through the cloud. It's what leaderboards are all about, after all - you may not be able to buy t_dAwG_69 a congratulatory beer in person, but you can certainly grit your teeth at his tantalizingly high score from a distance, burning up in lust for such notoriety yourself. The developers at Ursine Paw understand this concept intimately, and it is from the purity of the blindly competitive spirit that they bring you Run In Crowd.

    Play as a 2D one-eyed beastie on the run. From whence does he come; to where might he roam? Questions like these are irrelevant in the face of competition, and you'll find yourself scurrying across the landscape in the company of five or six other identical beasties, representing actual real life players equally as in it to win it. Tap the screen to jump over obstacles and pits; avoid them long enough and you'll speed up like a rocket. Watch as the other inferior beasties drop off into the pits in abject failure. They matter not. You are King of the Beasties.

    The graphics are high contrast and attractive; the music is repetitive but not overly aggravating.

    If you were running solo, the game would be nothing more than yet another endless runner, and particularly flavorless at that. With the addition of on-screen competition, however, each match offers an adrenaline spike as the others fail one by one.

    Ursine Paw's Run In Crowd is a perfect example of how successful apps play directly into the kinks in our cognitive science.

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