Run! Run! SheepGirl



The side-scrolling action shooting game.

- There is following two modes.
"Story Mode"
I have been several stages, going from one stage to clear in order,
defeat the last boss is clear.
When you clear a stage, values ​​are obtained depending on experience and number of enemies killed,
The character levels up.
You can get points When level up, the ability to be dedicated to that point,
You can strengthen your character.
In take all the "grass" , get the special bonus.

"Endless Mode"
 Marked with points depending on the character ran away.
Please aim to keep running so that high scores.
And grow your character in story mode, will be reflected here,

- Basic operation
Tapping the left half of the screen, jump
Slide and release the right half of the screen, shoot the bullet
And forward tilt to the right terminal
And backward tilt to the left terminal

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