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Scare people when a harmless game turns into a sudden scary face

  • Classic shock value
  • Works automatically
  • Pretty unoriginal, honestly

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"More trick than treat"


Scare Prank is just one more tool in the box of merry pranksters everywhere. Open the app and hand it over to an unsuspecting friend (or enemy - all's fair in love and pranks). It'll look just like a simple reflex game to test your mettle. Once they're good and concentrated, a sudden random scary picture will come out of absolutely nowhere, causing them to shriek and you to giggle maniacally. Zombies, monsters, children with blackened eyeballs... all your favorite classic scary imagery is here.


Shock value is one for the ages - it really will never let you down. If it's a scary prank you want, it's a scary prank you're going to get


Not much replay value unless you have a lot of friends you want to scare. And honestly, can't you think of something cleverer on your own?

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Oct 16, 2015

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