Sensor PX



Turn on the lights. In Sensor PX there are two game modes: Arcade and By Level. In the arcade mode the objective is turn on all the lights to gain access to the next level and beat the overall record. In By Level mode you can select the level to play (1 to 50) with the aim of improving the records of individual level. The complexity of the game is growing and it may seem simple in the early stages, but with the increasing levels things get complicated even more. The lights begin to go out and jump. The shuttle that bolting turn, increases speed, changes direction, stops, starts and disappears only to reappear in another location. To complicate the game the terrible black bulb, which if ignited instantly puts an end to the game and the red light which reduces the time available. To help us there are the green lamp that gives us an extra time, the lamp fuchsia that makes us earn extra points and blue backlight (only available in Arcade mode) in one fell swoop makes us pass the level. Mischievous Joker is the bulb. If all the bulbs lit blows gray simultaneously at a height twice the normal turning them into Joker. The only way to control the game are the three buttons at the bottom that allow you to restart the shuttle and set the direction and the stop button which stops the run.

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