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I Conjure have commisioned this calming and relaxing game, so you can take a break from the usual much copied games.

The object is to gently steer the fish around the obstacles and into the whirlpool. Slow gentle movements with the water scene and sounds helps keep you calm, relaxing your mind and body. Maintain a calm mind as the screens get more and more difficult. You can dip in and out any time you have a spare moment to improve your calmness.

* Incredibly unique style of game
* Fish have amazing Artificial Intelligence
* Simple, compelling gameplay
* Rewarding test of skill
* 20 Free levels
* In-app purchase for extra 100 levels
* Tilt, touch or use the on screen virtual joystick

There are five types of fish for you to discover -
* Loner - This pink fish gently swims around.
* Shoal - This blue fish will try to form a shoal with others of its type as it swims around.
* Flighty - This red fish will speed away if you get too close to it.
* Chaser - This green fish will try to follow you rather than swim off.
* Defiant - This yellow fish moves quickly, trying not to let you close and also tries to avoid the whirlpool.

The fish will turn away from the objects in their way, while you are able to float over the top. Water flows create currents that will affect the movement of the fish as they pass over them.

Steer your fish around the screen with tilt, touch or use the on screen virtual joystick. Try the first stage of twenty levels for free. There are one hundred extra levels available in five more stages for a small fee.


Using the tilt, touch or on screen virtual joystick
controls guide your white fish around the screen. You can go wherever you like swimming over the top of the objects on the sea bed and the smaller fish. Your goal is to guide the smaller fish into the whirlpool in the centre. Once you have guided all the fish into the whirlpool you will progress to the next level.

Objects lie on the sea bed that get in the way of the fish, so you need to move them around them to reach the whirlpool. There are also water currents that will affect the way the fish swim.


* Move slowly with gentle movements. The closer you get to the fish, the bigger the impact you have on them. Some fish will accelerate away from you as well as turn away, so only get as close as you need to be able to gain enough influence. Sometimes when the fish need to go through a small gap, or swim against a current, you may have to get quite close.

* Some fish swim faster than others and the best way to match their speed is to use the sensitivity bar on the pause screen. This controls how reactive your movements are the control inputs.

* To achieve higher star scores you need to try and follow the following two rules.
1 Keep the fish calm and moving as slow as you can when they leave at the whirlpool.
2 Let the fish swim through the whirlpool on their own.
So where you can, gently turn the the fish towards the whirlpool and hold back while it enters the whirlpool.

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