Seven Frog



Defend the butterflies from the assault of greedy frogs. Sink holes against throwing the pebbles with your slingshot.
Seven Frog is a fun pastime in which your goal is to prevent the frogs in the pond to eat butterflies. The frogs are sitting on the leaves spiteful fast-growing that the rise from the pond to the height they are flying butterflies. Your task is to defend the butterflies from the voracity of frogs with your slingshot. To prevent them from eating you have to hit the frogs by throwing pebbles. When the frogs are affected sinking in the pond and try a new lifts. To throw the stones with a sling must set the path best suited to hit them. To determine the path you have to drag the index with the stone setting angle and strength. A major difficulty levels, the leaves that hold frogs have increased even faster, making life more difficult for the nice butterflies.

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