Shadow Cave: The Escape


Shadow Cave: The Escape's review

by Peter Warrior

A simple yet interesting puzzle game.

  • Great design
  • Great casual game idea
  • Unresponsive screen touch.

"Leave the cave"

Shadow Cave has a simple premise: drag with your finger the light ball from the start to the end of the cave without touching the walls. In order to open the gates that prevent you to arrive to the exit, you have to pick up little blue shiny balls you'll find on your way, usually too close to the sharp edges of the walls.

Graphics are also simple, yet cute, and there's a nice work to create a musical atmosphere. However, touch response, which should be the key point of the game needs actually to be improved a lot to enjoy this game the most. There a lot of levels divided among nine worlds (caves, indeed) and you can even find final bosses, which are quite surprising and challenging. Overall, it isn't a difficult game and it may even be recommended for kids or people who don't want to rack their brains out. It's worth of checking it out, though it gives the feeling that it's a good idea spoiled by minor technical issues that we hope they'll be fixed in incoming updates.

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Jun 04, 2012

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