Third stage Taka Kato Pride series, of a man!
    Raise Standing pride of man earnestly SHIGOKI!

    Our application mindedly rubbed the bottom of the screen, a slender arm
    SHIGOKI to raise muscular arm worthy of purposes.
    Let cool to aim the arm to Gatchigachi black shiny!

    How To Play

    Play mode is extremely Start by selecting the "" two people extremely "woman" "extremely man!" Three
    Single-mindedly flip between the mark at the bottom of the screen] of [[solstice pole!
    • The move to the screen automatically result! Once the cool end of the arm.

    The results screen can be seen in the comment I appreciate the Taka Kato, depending on the time!
    May I give up your pride! SHIGOKI SHIGOKI Aim of the world?

    ◆ commentary mode
    Only one person play ----- "extremely man." For men. Raise the power of self-SHIGOKI!
    Only one person play ----- "extremely woman." For women. They're waiting for your SHIGOKI!
    Play only two people --- "extremely in two." Homepage | Online Watchers friends and I!

    ◆ Kisoiae national ranking!
    Across the country with his stalwart, eye SHIGOKI engage in fierce competition!
    Do it to show SHIGOKI hot pride of man!

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