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    Based on Motion picture by Sanjay Gupta which films the legendary combat that went down in Mumbai’s History as the 1st Encounter, Shootout At Wadala game is bound to give you an adrenalin rush.
    Shootout At Wadala, the movie is the second installment in the Shootout franchise,after the blockbuster Shootout at Lokhandwala. Shootout At Wadala, the movie is based on the book Dongri to Dubai written by Hussain Zaidi.

    The exclusive game inspired by the Shootout At Wadala

    In his battle to gain supremacy, Manya Surve wages a war against his rival, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar. Unafraid and undeterred he moves on to unleash his wrath to become the Baap of Mumbai! But not without enraging ACP Isaque Bagwan who makes it his personal vendetta to wipe out the existence of Underworld.
    The characters of Manya Surve, Sheikh Munir, ACP Isaque Bagwan, Dawood Ibrahim give the game a reel-like experience. In extraordinary circumstances the player has to shoot down his adversary to gain supremacy.

    A Stunning Gaming Experience

    You play as a part of the Shootout gang in this turn-based strategy and shooting game. During the course of the game, player takes turns selecting either one of the teams, Manya Surve and his aide Sheikh Munir or ACP Isaque Bagwan and Dawood Ibrahim. They use the available in-game artillery to attack and kill the opponents, thereby winning the game.
    10 levels of game-play with a refined control system using the innovative touch screen user interface. The game-characters move through different terrain with every level progression providing novelty to each level. Also it successfully recreates the experience of being in midst of the shootout. Every progressive level increases in difficulty thus making it harder to win easily.
    Your aim is to achieve the exact angle required to shoot down your opponents. With every level progression, the distance between the player’s team and the opponents increases. This makes it necessary for the player to have a keen-eye and precision to take the exact shot at the exact angle. An off-angle shot can cost you a level! So be sure to project accurately and only then take a shot.
    The game requires approximately 3 MB space thus making it easy to install on your android device. Also it can be installed to almost all android devices.
    Go on…feel the terror. Shootout At Wadala begins now…

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