Shot Putt



Yeargh me hearties, welcome to Shot Putt, the fastest cannonball throwing pirate game on the seven seas!!

Drawing on the slightly tenuous link between the modern sport of shot putt and the medieval practice of hurling cannonballs, Talking Birds' Shot Putt is a swashbuckling game of skill and dexterity ...(or something)

- Optimised for more recent devices (ICS 4.0) may run slower on older devices
- Hand drawn graphics
- Email a review (you might get a prize)
- Original score and sound fx

Tap as fast as you can to keep up the spinning momentum, when you think your shot is angled right tap the throw button to release the cannonball. How far can you throw it? Can you find the bonus treasure to boost your score? Use the Telescope to spy out the enemy ship and sink it for a big bonus!

Shot Putt is bought to you by developer Ashley James Brown in collaboration with renowned theatre company Talking Birds.

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