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An awesome 3D physics-based game.

  • Overall, great game.
  • Overall, no complaints.

"Remember this word: PA-RA-BO-LAAA"

Siegecraft is a medieval themed sort of tower defense game where is more important to aim accurately and make a good use of your weapons rather than firing volley over volley of stuff to everywhere. With 3D Warcraft-like graphics and a smooth gameplay, it's called to be one of the biggest hits on Market. We could say of it that it's a twisted mix of physics games (throwing things, be birds, arrows or whatever) and tower defense (being overwhelmed by waves of enemies and purchasing upgrades between stages).

Your weapons will be the ballista, the catapult and the battering ram. By the way, in some stages you can collect crystals to gain special abilities (flaming or freezing ammo, to name but a couple) and visit the shop to purchase special ammo (cows!). There are three races to choose among: vikings, knights and samurai; each one with its own campaign, in addition to the starting tutorial.

If there's something that truly makes a difference is the option to split the screen and start a hotseat match. Of course, if it could be online it would be too much to ask. Anyway, this game is ideal for players who like no non-sense games and want to rack their brains a little further.

There's a lite version to test your hardware out first, as this is a high-end game.

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