Sky Defender



Project developed for mobile architectures discipline engineering degree from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra (ISEC).

About the game:
This game is inspired in the Shoot 'em up genre games like space impact (Nokia Mobile phones). The goal is to reach the end of the missions destroying as many enemy aircrafts as possible. There are 3 missions with different scenarios and enemy ships.

The game can be played either vertically or horizontally.The movement of the ship is made with a finger or by using the accelerometer device. By using the accelerometer is necessary to define its orientation (if you will play with the screen vertically or horizontally)It is also possible to choose between Auto-shooting and manual shooting. There are two languages supported: Portuguese and English.

Version 2.0

Added missiles to the aircraft
Added help aircrafts (EuroTyphoons) in mission 3
Added life bars to enemies
Added two new enemies
Added new mission and a small story to the game

Fixed aircraft accumulation bug after coming from pause
Solved Samsung galaxy S3 touchwiz problem
Fixed position of the aircraft (was covered by the finger) now moves slightly ahead of it.
Screen no longer turns off when using the accelerometer instead of finger
The projectiles fired by an aircraft no longer disappear when it is destroyed
Greater efficiency in smaller devices (some resources are adjusted according to the resolution of the device)
Adjustments at the end of missions (victory and defeat)
Several adjustments in menus
Default language became English
Android Button 'menu' disabled
Change language removed from options menu
Fixed some minor bugs

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