Sky Pig



Some unknown Aliens have stolen all the Acorns of the Earth, it seems that their planet is precious! so now "Piggy" a little pink pig fly to recover all the acorns and defeat the evil Aliens to bring back the peace. There are four different worlds with four mega Boss Aliens to defeat, all you have to do is: grab your Device to move piggy left and right to avoid the objects that aliens will spit, but don't forget to take the Acorns, and use your fingers to touch the Boss Aliens to destroy them. Try Sky Pig! and give yourself in this exciting and colorful cartoon adventure.
Key Features:
• 3D Prerender Graphics.
• 3D Animations.
• Funny sound effects.
• Lots of different enemies.
• Four Worlds.
• Four Mega bosses.
• Fantastic Effects.
• Easy to play.