Slack Fill Cut the Slack HD



This is the worlds first game dedicated to highlighting and gamifying the growing, costly, and environmentally destructive practice of packaging slack fill (air). This game is meant to be engaging yet highlight the need to reduce air (dead space) in packaged consumer goods. If you've ever bought a huge package of cereal, potato chips, or any packaged consumer product and found most ( > 50%) of the content is "AIR" when you open it up, then you know what I mean. If anything I hope slack fill provides you entertainment and improves your buying awareness the next time you go grocery or consumer shopping. Remember, every time you open up a packaged product that is mostly air, that package had to be transported by some gasoline powered vehicle before you got it, thus wasting fossil fuels as well as shorting you the consumer.

To Win and earn Achievements in Slack Fill Cut The Slack Game, ..... simply tap the slack-filled/un-filled boxes, don't eliminate (or tap) full boxes, and most importantly be quick!