Sonic 4 Episode II THD


Sonic 4 Episode II THD's review

Sonic 4 Episode II THD brings new adventures of our beloved hedgehog

  • Stunning graphics
  • Faithful to original Sonic gameplay
  • Tails is in the house!
  • Impressive environments
  • Only Tegra devices

"Sonic & Tails, lifelong partnership"

SEGA keeps delighting us with new adventures of the classic saga Sonic. In this new release, an old-friend has shown up: Tails, the intrepid fox. He will help Sonic to complete any new challenge ahead. The effectiveness of their partnership has been proved in the past.

However, in this new episode, Dr. Eggman has also found an evil partner: Metal Sonic. Such alliance is threatening Sonic's world. New levels, obstacles, handicaps and hundreds of loops to make you enjoy to the fullest. Gameplay, of course, is still the same: run, run and run, grab rings, avoid enemies making you lose them and, above all, reach the end of the level in time record.

Powered by Nvidia Tegra processors, this new saga of Sonic is graphically outstanding. This shows how an old game coming from the 8-bit era can become a success nowadays being graphically enhanced, while keeping its essence. One of those improvements is the Collaborative Play via Bluetooth: you can team up with a friend and take control of sonic and Tails.

This is the full version, all levels are unlockable. In addition, users who own both Episodes I & II will unlock an exclusive scenerario featuring Metal Sonic. If you are a Sonic saga fan, you shouldn't miss it.

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