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Play Sonic as you've never done it before

  • Graphics
  • Touchscreen response
  • Missions and achievements
  • Unlockable characters and power-ups
  • Two different game modes
  • Quite easy to beat
  • Childish

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"Vertical Sonic"

We love Sonic, no matter if he runs over the ground or if he decides to soar through the sky. Of course, the latter's the point in Sonic Jump.

Gameplay's is simple: you must jump over platforms and avoid falling down while dodging enemies and obstacles and making the most of power-ups and boosters.

There are two different game modes. In "Story" you must keep jumping until you reach Dr. Robotnik's sign. Then you level up to the next Act. There are up to 12 acts in each of the 4 "worlds" that make the game up. Of course, each "world" ends with a final battle against Dr. Robotnik.

In "Arcade" mode the goal is to get as high as you can. There are online leaderboards where you can submit your records and challenge other players to beat them.

What's more, you'll fulfill missions and unlock achievements as you progress through the game. There's a in-game shop where you can unlock new characters, power-ups and wallpapers using the rings collected (or after reaching a specific level). Of course, you can also get extra rings via in-app purchase.

Sega's Sonic Jump is set in cute revamped graphics which, otherwise, keep the essence of the classic Sonic regarding both characters and environments. Touchscreen response is excellent and its different game modes, in-game shop and online leaderboards enhance its playability.

Highly recommended.

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