Space Chase



You've been separated from your convoy.
Pirates are on your six.

Ever the intrepid space captain, you decide to lose your pursuers by risking life and limb inside a deadly asteroid field.

The pirates will never be able to follow you here--
but are your skills at the helm up for the challenge?


Space Chase is a slot racer hybrid.

Challenge your reflexes as you weave your way
through a deadly asteroid field.

Dodging asteroids too easy? Engage the afterburners
and earn a score multiplier.

Dying too much? Collect rubies to purchase upgrades
in the store.


• high definition graphics
• dynamic difficulty that increases as you play
• global leaderboards (internet connection required)
• adrenaline-pumping soundtrack
• several ship upgrade options
• multi-touch controls


• You can pilot your ship from left to right
• Touch the screen to move your ship
• Use a second touch to engage your afterburners
• Pick up rubies to purchase ship upgrades
• Collect powerups to replenish your ship's shields
• Dodge the asteroids!


• Use afterburners in the early waves to maximize your score
• Watch out for ricochets
• Upgrade your engines to increase lateral movement

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