Space Defense HD Free



Space Defence HD Free is just a Missile Command replica.
This free version is limited in that you can't upgrade your weapons.

Hit the enemies in combo to get more points.
Defend the spaceships, they will support you!
Build the shield and try to save the Earth.
Survive to an indefinite number of enemies waves.
Hit with precision and get double explosion and score.

Upgrades, more power, speed or number for shot available in full Edition:

Billions of people believe in you!

For any question or suggestions please email me to or through the website:

Tested on devices (tablet/smartphones) with screen size from 3.5" to 7.7" (Nexus 4,Nexus 7,Galaxy S3,Galaxy S2)

A game entirely created with free software:
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (The OS)
Eclipse 4.2 (Java/C++ IDE)
libGdx 9.8 (OpenGL/Audio library)
Ghex (hex editor)
Gimp (graphic editor)
InkScape (vectorial graphic editor)
OpenShot (video editor)
RecordMyDesktop (video capture for linux)
AudiaCity (audio editor)
Git/ColaGitGUI (source control management)
Bitbucket (free repository)

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