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In Space Forge you take control of a lone spacecraft in a battle to stay alive against the countless number of possible Enemies, collect parts from the destroyed enemies and use to upgrade your own ship, buy deployable turrets and usable shields.

Also choose from alternative ships, Deciding on your weaponry available.

Features include:
• Upgrade your ship as you go along, Even adding weapons.
• Destroyable components on enemy ships, don’t like the enemy bosses turrets shooting at you? destroy them and then finish him off!
• Deployable, purchasable turrets.
• HD Effects, Pretty explosions!
• Tilt control’s.
• Collectable debris from destroyed ships
• Lasers, mines and missiles.
• Play in survival mode against never ending enemies and upload your highscores.

Things people have said about space forge:
"Looks great and the boss fights can present a mighty challenge"
"This is the space game to be playing right now"
"Nothing short of awesome"

Warning: This Game uses is HD and I would recommend a(Galaxy S, HTC Desire or better)There are options to turn off the effects on the main menu if you are experiencing any lagg.

This is a new release so if you find any bugs please Email and I will get them sorted Asap,We cant reply to comments!

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