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    Space Quest Alpha is a vertical scroller where you are exploring the outer reaches of the universe. Stunning graphics allow you to immerse as you travel through space and blast through meteors, avoid mines, collect minerals, and battle enemy ships. Watch for powerups and avoid debris. Use the accelerometer to control your ship and touch the screen to fire, or don't fire and try to see how long you can go without hitting anything. There are quite a few hidden things and more are in the works. Also in the works is a landing sequence and home base attack.

    I work a full time job and do this on the side, if you have any issues please contact me and I will address them asap. Have fun!

    This is like space invaders meets afterburner.:)

    *Space Quest Alpha is a top scrolling shooter that takes you to places out of this world.
    *Gameplay is controlled by accelerometer tilt. Touch screen to fire or toggle upgrades.
    *Space Quest is like Space Invaders on steroids with a touch of Zaxxon and Xevious.

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