Space Squad



Space Squad is a brutally hard squad based scrolling space shooter. Combining classic retro gameplay with innovative squad control and customisation mechanics this old genre has been revitalised.

Space Squad is intended for veterans of touchscreen scrolling shooters who want a new challenge. Enemies are unique and interesting from the very first level. Squad customisation allows you to start out with your favourite powerups already active. The more powerups you select the fewer reinforcement ships you get.

As you innevitably loose fighters, replacements will warp in to take thier place but when you ultimately run out of reinforcements it's game over.

REMEMBER: This game is intended to be hard, if you get stuck on a level try changing advantages or switching formations. If all else fails email me at

Expect minor difficulty adjustments over the next few weeks.

"Thomas Nind can live up to his promise of a completely new and revolutionary gameplay concept"

8 levels + 1 tutorial
7 Unique Bosses
5 Squad starting advantages
5 Unlockable advantages
5 Squad formations
multi touch support for dividing your squad
14+ unique enemies
3 difficulties from Normal to Nightmare
Original musical score composed by Alexander McDonald (

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