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Help SpaceCat control the spaceship

  • Fun and entertaining
  • Very addictive
  • Original
  • Some bugs

"SpaceCat Odyssey"

I'ts 3122 and man has conquered space with his favorite animal, the cat. While the cat pilots the spaceship you need to dodge walls, grab the mice and avoid obstacles until you finish each level.

There is one game mode available now (training) and three difficulty levels. Controls can be changed from Realistic to Arcade. The character can be customized by buying new types of cats, spaceships and themes using PillCoins or PayPal.

The game is quite original and addictive, although it has some bugs. For instance,sometimes the cat gets trapped outside and you need to restart the level in order to keep playing. Also, the cat's moves could be smoother so as to make the game easier to play and more enjoyable.

This game created by The Pill Tree has much potential and if some things were fixed it could easily become a great success. Download and get addicted to the flying cat.

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