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    Complete various space missions in turn.
    Try and beat your high score for each mission.
    Watch out for the adversaries: flying saucers and fighters: in early missions you have to dodge them, but later you have laser power to shoot them down.
    Control your spaceship by tilting your phone to fire the rocket engines.
    By the third mission (not counting "training") you have full control of the spaceship as your fore and aft engines are now enabled.
    Your a trader, so collect ore with the spaceship and then deposit it on the correctly coloured planet, or any large planet, to score points.
    You need to avoid as many of the asteriods as you can.
    Don't forget to refuel by docking with the fuel bays or colliding with the green asteroids.
    Steer carefully through the space debris tunnel.
    You need to land on the destination planet to complete a mission and move on to the next.
    By the time you get to the fourth mission, the saucers and fighters attack you:
    Now your spaceship has shields, and you can land on the larger planets to have your shields repaired and to refuel - provided you have need the correct type of ore to do so.
    For the final "Armageddon" mission, your spaceship has 4 lasers but there are up to 4 enemy saucers attacking at once!
    At the end you must battle the mother saucer as it hovers menacingly over the destination planet. Shoot one down and its not too long before another appears!
    Good luck, you'll need it!

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