Spheroid Lite



Spheroid Lite, the new fast-paced addicting strategic puzzle game.

Created by: Zac Evans-Golden, Tom King, and Brian Ruff

Lite version is missing several of the features found in the full version found here:

Due to the attraction of rogue planets, your galaxy is becoming unstable! Luckily, the immense gravity in the center of your galaxy causes dust to collect and form Spheroids. Your mission: throw Spheroids into matching planets in order to destroy them, stabilizing your galaxy! The three exciting game modes require strategic, skillful throws and quick reflexes, while considering interactions between Spheroids.

Classic - Keep your galaxy stable for as long as possible. Try to get the highest score!
Time Attack - You have 3 minutes to rack up as many points as possible
Planet Destruction - Have all the planets on the screen destroyed at once

- Be careful destroying planets, as planets can have positive or negative effects
- Throwing a Spheroid into the space where another Spheroid is forming can cause them to fuse together
- After throwing a Spheroid, it is possible to re-throw it in a different direction while it’s moving
- Your score multiplier can reach 5x with successive correct hits

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