Spy Jumper




    You are a secret agent driving a car equipped with the ability to jump at will. Drive countless missions as you try to uncover secret power ups and unlockable items. Discover one of the most unique vertical scrollers on the android market.

    Spy Jumper features an upgrade-able car with various power ups to help you throughout your missions. Immerse as you try to advance your way through changing roads, obstacles, and enemy cars. Have fun and don't forget to pay attention to your objectives for the ability to start at advanced levels!!!

    Here at A54Studio I am a one person developer/ musician/ artist. Feel free to contact me with any ideas, comments, or anything you'd like to say. If you enjoy the game please leave feedback!!!

    --Did you enjoy games like Bump N Jump and Spy Hunter? You'll love this!

    --The more levels you complete in a game, the more secrets you unlock.

    --Tilt the phone to control, left side fires missiles, and the rest jumps.

    --Spy Jumper will test your reflexes

    --New missions coming soon!!!

    --The most exciting driving game out there!

    --Spy Jumper will have you on the edge of your seat!

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