"Squash!!" is a tennis game in walled court for one person.
Move the racket by sliding finger on touch screen, and return the ball.

Changing the angle of ball reflection by the position of racket hit.
So you can control the trajectory of ball if you can adjust well.

The game is over when you fail to return the ball.(can be continued up to 2 times)

The level of game goes up according as the score increases.
Such as the speed-up of ball and the shrinkage of racket.
Difficulty going up gradually.

You can play at ease early.
But middle or later, you will be tested concentration.

In addition, a new mechanism for the advanced emerge at 2,500 points.
Reach the highest level at 5,000 points.

[How to operate]
Move the racket : Sliding finger on touch screen.
Change settings : Press the Menu button at the title screen.
Pause : Press the Back button during play.

The drawing performance requires more than XPERIA X10.
The screen resolution is 480x800 or higher recommended.
If you play on the tablet device, Use "stretch" mode. (Android 3.2 or later)
The vibration function is turned off by default, because there is variation by model. (timing and strength of vibration)