Star Warfare:Alien Invasion HD


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"Where's Ripley when you need her?"

  • Thrilling and challenging
  • Above average 3D graphics.
  • User interface issues

A 3D arcade set in an outer space colony

Star Warfare puts you in the armor of a kinda space marine whose mission is to eradicate all aliens from a infested human colony. Of course, negotiation skills in outer space aren't useful at all, so you'll wear your exo-armor, your hi-tech machine gun and all available sci-fi stuff. Game's true 3D, so you'll have to move and aim thanks to two on-screen pads (and a swipeable screen to look around)

Plot is as simple as aliens' hive mind: it happened that there was mithril in that rocky planet (yes, mithril, the same mithril from Moria) so humans left to occupy it and make lucrative profit of it. However, aliens also like that shiny metal for their own purposes, so two lines of script later, shooting started.

Graphics are more than adequate and game runs pretty smoothly on an average device. Music and soundtrack are what you would expect. There are several different aliens (there should be more, though) and even bosses to be beaten. Star Warfare is quite dynamic and AI has a talent to make alien hounds stalk and attack you on your back, so don't even think about camping: move, move, move.

On the other hand, there are a few interface issues, most likely from a hurried port from iOS: there's no way to leave the game other that the 'home' button and it's difficult to navigate menus. Lastly, it's a freemium game, so fun will end when you don't pick up enough ammo and you have to pay for it.

At the end of the day, all points are moot if game's fun, as this Star Warfare you can bet it is. Recommendable for anyone looking for a good action game, especially if you can't afford other non-free blockbuster games. In addition, don't forget to go online sooner or later: real fun is out there.

This is the HD version. If you are playing it on a non-HD device, look for Star Warfare instead.

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Mar 14, 2013

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