Starblaze Confront



Set in a distant future where man has forsaken the shattered Earth in favor of new planets, Starblaze Confront from RelicPlay is an old-school 2D-style shooter with a musical score composed exclusively for the game by Shannon Mason.

You assume the role of a lone bounty hunter, engaging in intense scenarios as you trek the star system. The game offers a wide variety of missions.

While in the common missions you find yourself face-to-face with an enemy ship that needs to be battled, other missions have you chase missiles, taking down fortresses, or racing through asteroid belts.

Briefings and cut-scenes in-between missions move the story forward. This is also where you may upgrade or repair your ship during the course of the game. Currency is obtained by completing certain key missions.


"Based on this game we can see many more great games from its author Fredrik in the future." --

"A game that looks like a lot less than it feels like." -- CWF-Freeware

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