Stardash's review


Stardash is an old-fashioned GameBoy-style platformer

  • GameBoy-style graphics
  • Nostalgia
  • Lots of levels
  • Needs more features: throw items, bonus levels...

"Oppa is GameBoy-style"

Some developers are bringing back to this platform oldschool gameplay and graphics. We can state that pixels are trend on mobile gaming. However, Stardash went a step further: it even left the color away achieving a lovely nostalgic GameBoy-style.

Gameplay is as simple as expected on a platformer: a guy must reach the end of the level as fast as possible while collecting as many coins as he can. On his way, our hero will find handicaps: enemies, gaps, spikes, etc. that will make more difficult complete the level at first try. However, you can give as many tries as you need.

There are 40+ levles through 4 unlockable temples. Our hero is controlled by a simple screenpad with three buttons to move left, right and to jump. The retro-music will bring you back to the arcade games of the 90's.

If you're a nostalgic of the classics, if you're fonder of pixels than HD graphics, you should definitely give this a go. Worthy.

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Jan 17, 2013

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