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    Published: 2012-04-04, by .

    Steambirds is a turn-based war airplane strategy game

    • Levels are real history episodes
    • Turn-based strategy game
    • Local versus mode
    • Graphics and controls could be enhanced

    "Follow the path of war aircraft through history"

    If you like History and you think that War is not all about shooting but strategy is the cornerstone, take a look at this. Steambirds' developers has found an interesting way to set levels: a time-chart. In other words, each level is a mission that matches with a real history episode, since the first war aircraft to nowadays. Thus, you'll have to complete WWI Missions, WWII, Cold-War and many more. There are up to 15 regular levels and 13 bonus levels. This is the DEMO version, so you won't be able to play all of them.

    But.... how does it work? Steambirds is a turn-based game, so all aircraft move at the same time, after planning is done. Touch and slide a control market to change the path of your aircraft. Aim for the first enemy. Touch the SuperSeed power-up icon next to the control market to catch up to the next plane. Tailing enemies helps you get an awesome damage multiplier per hit, so try sustained fire. There are lots of different weapons: bombs, missiles, poison gas...

    Regarding graphics and controls the game is quite simple and it could be improved in these points. However, scenery isn't the most important thing in this kind of game, which are still high addictive anyway. One of the features that helps to its high playability is the local versus game mode.

    If you like the theme and the turn-based gameplay, don't hesitate to give it a go. Recommendable.

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