Steel Commanders


Steel Commanders's review

by Peter Warrior

A sci-fi collectible card game

  • Overall, no remarkable flaws.
  • It could be improved in several areas

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"Army's at your command"

Steel Commanders, which would have been a great title for a strategy game, is indeed a collectible card game where your goal is to make the best possible deck and fulfill missions in the context of a never-ending war against aliens in a similar way to Starship Troopers or whatsoever.

Thence, it works as any other known CCG with missions in it. Missions are tap-to-go-ahead kind, in where you have little if any control over what's happening. Likewise, card battles are far from other Magic-like games, and it's more a matter of persistence (and in-app purchases in the end) rather than actually sticking to a deck strategy. Artwork and UI are slightly below average, and loading times are above. Perhaps the most remarkable feature is that female characters aren't openly and unnecessarily over-sexualized, at least as far as we have played. As expected, Player vs Player matches are welcome, though won't make you get hooked to Steel Commanders unless you were already into it.

In conclusion, a complete and right collectible card game, well suited for players who already like games of this kind and are attracted by the sci-fish setting. Otherwise, this is a place to start as good as any to start with.

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Jul 01, 2013

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